Photo Contest

Send us a photo of yourself wearing your Joy T-shirt for a chance to win a Joy Gift Certificate! Be creative... and send your photo’s to Once a month we will select a winner and post your pic on the website. Then you will be famous and everyone will be envious of your free shirt!

Becky and Grayson try to convince Ralph to throw a dash of colour into his wardrobe.  Grey was so 2008. 



Congrats to Chris in Canmore Alberta for reaching the summit of "Big Sister" in Style



Many thanks to Joey, who is single handedly helping to improve NAFTA by wearing his Joy Tee and spreading the word in Washington! 

Alice from  France spreading the Joy! Merci!


Corey takes a break after mowing his back yard.


Fancy Lance.


Looking like a million bucks wearing her Joy T-shirt, Laurie was ambushed by Burt who was looking for peanuts and electronic devices to sell on the black market.

During his days off, Robin likes to leave the bat cave and go for brisk morning jaunts.

Despite being tempted by some beef jerky on a stick, Karl’s real motive was to steal that sweet shirt and get his mug up on  Nice try Karl.  

Joy Tee’s are exceptional at trapping and disguising sweat stains under the arms.


Adam + Emma = Cohen!  Congratulations on making a human!

You will be pleased to hear that Mitch got to go back home after this photo op and has gone on to do many wonderful things including completing his PhD in Neuroscience.


A hipster and a hippo.