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Photo of the Month: January 10

2010/Feb/16 08:29 PM

Congrats to Hannah and Elysse... our photo of the month contest winners for January.  Thanks so much for participating ladies, we are sending you Joy and some Joy Tee’s too!...
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Photo of the Month: December 09

2010/Jan/15 03:26 PM

Wishing Grayson and Becky safe travels in Samburuland Kenya.  ...
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Here's an idea...

2009/Dec/01 02:31 PM

All of our Gift Certificates are emailed to you instantly upon payment…which means it is perfect for all of those last minute shoppers. ...
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Hello Sir

2009/Nov/17 05:08 PM

Joy Apparel was invited on behalf of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation to meet HRH The Prince of Wales on his recent visit to Canada.  HRH is a fan of Joy Apparel!...
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The Joy Apparel Road Trip: Summer 2009 - The Movie

2009/Nov/03 12:42 AM

Joy Apparel went across Canada this summer meeting new people, camping outdoors, and stopping at various festivals! Watch the Cross Canada Road Trip: Summer 2009 - The Movie - Featuring the Song: Road Regrets by Dan Mangan. ...
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Photo of the Month - September 2009

2009/Oct/01 08:54 PM

Amala...  standing here at the Piazza Michaelangelo, overlooking the Arno River in...
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Meet Sophie

2009/Sep/17 04:06 PM

This is Sophie... Sophie is in charge of printing. She is the greatest employee in the world and is the pulse of Joy Apparel.  When you buy a shirt you also get a little thank you note courtesy of Sophie. Sophie likes chocolate, yoga and speaking...
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Photo of the Month - August 2009

2009/Sep/04 03:06 PM

Congratulations to Devon Lisa and Mitch...   Three of the nicest hipsters I have ever met!  They purchased their Joy T-shirts at the Regina Folk Festival and then everyone followed suite!   I love Regina!  ...
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Two buddies

2009/Aug/28 04:26 PM

August 28th 2009 This is James and Logan... two of the coolest kids I have ever met.  I believe they started their own band.  I would like to be a member of their band!  We met at the Mariposa Folk Festival this summer and they would often...
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What an adventure...

2009/Aug/19 12:45 PM

August 23rd 2009 Sorry for the delay my friends... internet access was somewhat limited while on the road this summer but we are now back in action. The Joy Apparel Cross Country Tour was a huge success and we just wanted to say thanks so much to all of...
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Give T’s A Chance

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, others wear a face on their heart.
The Hour on CBC Television Nov 15 2007.