Jeff Woodrow: Jeff is the founder of Joy Project. One day while looking out the window of his office to his previous job, Jeff had an idea. He quickly got up from his office and resigned. Now, Jeff spends his days making t-shirts while trying to promote peace and equality worldwide. He knew it would be very rewarding. Jeff also enjoys art, culture, crafts, and homemade brownies.

Frank Joy: Frank Joy is just one of many people who inspired the Joy Project. Frank has taught us all that hate is simply nonsense and there is much more productive things we can do with our time. Like spreading Joy wordwide! Frank also has the greatest name in the world.

Sophie Cardin: Sophie is in charge of printing and is the pulse of the joy t-shirts. When you buy a shirt you also get a thank you note courtesy of Sophie. Sophie loves chocolate and yoga she speaks French.

Michael James: Mike is the voice of reason. If you need a helping hand ... Mike is always there to lend one. Mike helps to fill orders and takes care of all the things that only a responsible person can be trusted to do. He loves music, reading, and athletics.

Amanda Lo: Amanda is pretty impressive. Amanda is one of our designers which helps out with the designs and also keeps us abreast of what is cool. Amanda loves Mac products, screen printing and reading zines.


James Weisbrod James is our special web programmer and he is a genius... He encourages you to send all complaints directly to him so that he can deal with them quickly. Feel free to send compliments and feelings of well-being too! Check out ASMR studio. James likes the concept of global community through Joy T-Shirts  of all things!






Neil Sturgess is our Staff Photographer.  He is very talented and rides a skateboard... which I guess makes him multi-talented!  Check out more of his awesome work at: